Correction of fake news regarding detention of Paludan in France

Leader of the Hard Line party (Danish: Stram Kurs) Rasmus Paludan was detained by the national police of France near Gare de Lyon on Wednesday, 11 November 2020. Much fake news has been spread about this illegal act by France.

In the fight against fake news, these facts can be stated:

1) Rasmus Paludan has not committed anything illegal in France.

2) Rasmus Paludan has never been accused of committing anything illegal in France.

3) Rasmus Paludan has never been accused of intending to commit anything illegal in France.

4) Rasmus Paludan was not going to burn a Quran in France.

5) Rasmus Paludan was not going to stage af public protest in France.

6) Due to COVID-19, public gatherings are banned for everyone in France.

7) Rasmus Paludan had informed the Police Prefect in Paris in writing in advance that Rasmus Paludan would NOT stage a public protest or gathering.

8) Rasmus Paludan was not banned from entering France when he entered the country.

9) Rasmus Paludan still has no entry ban in France.

10) Rasmus Paludan was not arrested at any time, as “arrest” presupposes suspicion of criminal activity.

11) Rasmus Paludan was detained on 11 November 2020 at 14.30 by the French National Police. It happened about 30 seconds after he left his hotel near Gare de Lyon. Rasmus Paludan was on his way to his car to drive to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He had a written reservation confirmation for a hotel room in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He had informed the Dutch national police in writing that he was on his way.

12) Around 16:30 Rasmus Paludan was notified of the expulsion decision. The decision was made by the French Minister of the Interior.

13) Rasmus Paludan was not suspected of terrorism or any other criminal offense.

14) Rasmus Paludan is not on a list of terrorists, but on the S-list, which is a list of people who, for many different reasons, are considered to threaten the national security of France. The reactions from others to Rasmus Paludan’s lawful remarks could easily threaten the national security of France. A person on the S-list may not be arrested or deported alone because he or she is on the list.

15) Rasmus Paludan traveled with three French policemen by plane from Paris Charles de Gaulle on Friday 13 November 2020 at 09.30 to Stockholm Arlanda. The police were present to effect the deportation and to protect Rasmus Paludan.

16) Rasmus Paludan was protected by Swedish police during his stay in Sweden.

17) Rasmus Paludan traveled by plane on Friday 13 November 2020 at 20.55 from Stockholm Arlanda to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup.

18) The 2 planned public protests in Berlin on 13 and 14 November 2020 were canceled by Stram Kurs because the new German COVID-19 rules made the demonstrations impossible to carry out.

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