Evidence that Rasmus Paludan lived in Sweden in 2000-2001

Rasmus Paludan has provided evidence that he is in fact also a Swedish citizen in accordance with section 2 of the version of the Citizenship Act, which was in effect in Sweden in 1989.

In accordance with that act Rasmus Paludan – already a Danish citizen by birth, on Danish soil by a Danish mother in 2 January 1982 – became a Swedish citizen, when his Danish mother married his Swedish father on 1 June 1989.

However, his Swedish citizenship would have been lost in accordance with the Citizenship Act section 8, if he had never resided in Sweden before turning 22 on 2 January 2004.

Rasmus Paludan has now provided evidence that he did in fact live and work in Sweden in the autumn if 2000 until 15 January 2001.

This is a copy of an official letter from the Swedish Taxation Authority (Skattemyndigheten) dated 29 January 2001. In this letter the Swedish government states that he has been recorded as no longer living in Sweden on 15 January 2001.

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